About Jess


Jessica Jayne is a traveling yoga teacher and writer— known for her open heart, loving vibration, and curious nature.

There are three things that Jessica knows is inherent within all of us; the guru, humanness, and love— and her work is in providing experiences to explore these parts of ourselves through movement, meditation, and expressive arts.

She believes deeply in the power of prayer and play, and integrates these two forces in recognition that when they come together, radical transformation arises.

Her story is one with all of our stories; one that has been burned by fire and yet soaked in love. She takes all of her experiences as her greatest teachers than have lead her to the guru within, and now her life’s intention is to guide others to their own inner teacher— to remember what lives within their heart.

She is deeply honored to share space and experiences with teachers and students (who are all her teachers) worldwide.